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Why Choose United American?


Organizations are defined by their values. In business, the ability to translate principle into practice is the measure of success. In 1947, United American Insurance Company established an organization based on four core values: stability, service, quality, and commitment.  


Today, UA continues to evolve but remains defined by these principles set years ago.  

Stability is an absolute essential in insurance. Customers invest in a policy and expect that policy to pay when needed. UA is the Company that does what it says it will do. Since 1947, UA has met the individual insurance needs of its customers. Learn more about United American’s financial ratings



Service is often the distinction between a good and a great company. A great company goes the extra mile to establish a relationship with the customer. We believe we are a great company, and we continuously strive to deliver superior service and customer convenience. 



Quality is an investment in the future. Customers choose quality when they intend to keep a product for a long time. UA will never compromise product integrity for the benefit of price. We offer a diverse portfolio of top products designed to meet the needs of our clients both now and in the years to come. Visit Our Plans page to learn more about UA’s product portfolio. 


The essence of commitment is vision. Every decision is made based on what is best for the customer, the Agent, and the shareholder. UA's leadership is committed to our market and to remaining a safeguard our policyholders can count on for years to come.

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